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Grateful For The Faithful

Have you been to the doctor in the past year? If you did, I bet you noticed a difference. Visits were a lot different in 2019 than 2021, I would agree with anyone who feels like we took our healthcare system for granted. I had an appointment this past week and the whole experience was very sterile. I had a designated area to sit, I was not allowed to enter the office without the proper protective equipment in place, and when the doctor came into the room he kept a safe distance from me.

He never did an examination, we just spoke discreetly about my eye issue. He called a prescription in, I picked in up, and praise the Lord it worked. I don't know if I can completely express the way I felt when I left the office; I had feelings that I never had before, most of the time my visits were warm and friendly, but this time it was just business. Maybe I had grown used to the old way of doing things and my expectations of the visit were not even close to my reality.

I can illustrate the feelings I experienced. Have you ever run a bath tub of water and when you stepped in you were expecting warm water, but instead it was cold. That's how I felt. I was sort of put off, which started my mind to go into high gear. If I was the doctor or nurse what would I have done? Would I wear mask? Get close to every patient? Would I require the patients to wear a mask? Would I throw caution to the wind? I didn't have to think long. If I was a doctor I would take every possible precaution available to stay well, because I would not just be protecting myself but my family as well.

My neighbor's doctor was in his 50's and caught an illness from a patient and passed away. In 2021 going to work as a healthcare worker is a real act of faith. They are constantly being exposed to sickness and let's be honest, putting their lives on the line for others, including me. I felt awful for being upset, I made it a point to thank each and every worker in the office when I went to my follow up appointment.

I truly believe their profession is a calling. Yep, they do it because God has placed a divine purpose in their heart to help us when we are sick. I don't know how you would put a monetary value on the risk they face each day. I decided if it's their calling, I'm going to do everything in my power to help them serve with joy not regret. Why don't we all join together and be grateful for the faithful.

John 15:13

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Pastor Ken Smith

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