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Ephesians 5:18

be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;

The command is to be filled with the Spirit; what Spirit? The Holy Spirit: the third person of the Trinity. How can something be filled unless it's emptied first? It can't. For a Christian to be filled with the Holy Spirit they must first empty themselves of carnal ambitions and indulgences. The more we surrender ourselves to God, the more He can use us.

I recently made a trip to the gas station to buy some gas for my ATV, I loaded the red plastic 5 gallon gas can onto the back of my truck and I noticed it had about a gallon of petrol left in the can. I had a decision to make; I could leave the fuel in the can and top it off with 4 gallons or I could pour the gallon into my four wheeler and purchase 5 gallons. I decided to use the gallon and purchase 5 more, If I was going to the station I wanted as much gasoline as I could possibly purchase.

Shouldn't we be that way with the Lord? Shouldn't we give Him everything. Let's pour out the pride, selfishness, and anger so the Lord can fill every area of our lives. It's the only way this world will ever see Christ.

Pastor Ken Smith

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