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Good Friday

John 19:16

Then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified. And they took Jesus, and led him away.

As I'm writing it's Friday morning, the sun is peaking through the trees, the full moon has dropped behind the curtain of the earth's horizon, and the woods are loud with the voices of birds singing. I think they are praising Jehovah God for the wonderful gift of His Son.

It would be about this time some 2000 years ago that the Son of God began to make his way down the Via Dolorosa carrying the cross that he would bear the sins of the world. I can see Him so clearly this morning, I can hear the jeers of the crowd mocking Him, I can feel the anger of the Roman soldiers as they pierced His hands and feet with the spikes that held him to the cross.

I have been saved for almost 4 decades now, but this morning he seems to be more precious to me than ever. He has grown sweeter and sweeter as the years roll by. At 9 am they crucified Him, and suspended Him between heaven and earth. At 3 pm He would cry "It is finished", bow His head and release His spirit. This one act brings the entire world together because it doesn't mater what race you are, male or female, rich or poor, what continent you live on, or what you have done, HE DIED FOR ALL! He loves every person, unconditionally, and He proved it by dying on the cross. I can't remember being this emotional about good Friday, but I have never seen Him so clearly. I'm overwhelmed that He still reveals Himself to me.

No man had the power to take His life, but He freely laid it down. He held back the angels, muzzled his power, and submitted Himself to the Father's will.

All honor, praise, and glory to the Son of God for ever and ever, Amen.

Pastor Ken Smith

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