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It Lied To You

It told you it would only visit every other weekend, but it started showing up every week. It said it would only come on the weekends, but it extended its welcome through Sunday. It promised; only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but that turned into every day of the week. It told you it would work alone, but it began to invite its friends.

They said they wouldn't stay long, but now they will not leave. They told you that you would remain in complete control, but now you can't do anything without their approval. They convinced you that you weren't changing, but now you can't even recognize yourself.

Yes; it lied to you from day one, and yet you remain in a relationship with it. Its your sin.

I have experienced this in my own past and seen it happen to others time and time again. It ALWAYS starts with just one drink, for this special occasion, but in EVERY case that I have personally seen, it ends up spiraling out of control.

Sure, you tell everyone in attempts to convince yourself, "It's all under control, I've been doing this for years," but the truth is from day one you were not in control. The fact that you've been doing it for years or even a few days is proof that you are no longer in control of your life.

Ninety-nine percent of those cases ended up progressing into other addictions. Why is that? It's because sin always looks to build a relationship with you, when sin is not dealt with immediately through the act of repentance and forgiveness of God it gains control.

Remember, the verse doesn't say your sin will be found out, but rather; it says your sin will find you out. Break the relationship before it breaks you. There are things you must defeat before you can proceed to the promise.

Numbers 32:23

But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.

Pastor Todd McClain

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