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Purging The Clutter

Psalms 51:7

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

I have been working on re-arranging and organizing the building in the backyard. As I began to move things around I made three separate sections, one is a keep section, the other a trash section, and the last is a section of things to go through.

As I look back at the different piles it is hard to believe the amount of things that are no longer useful to us. Things that there only purpose was taking up space. We call it clutter. If I had cleaned and organized more often the clutter would have been easier to purge.

I often tell my boys "put the tools back where you got them." Why? Because it's so much easier to find your tools when they have been properly stored. Often we find ourselves in the same situation spiritually. We are in such a hurry, and take on so many different and unnecessary tasks that we never take the time to carry out the trash. We just toss things here and there until the clutter eventually covers everything.

Some people have allowed themselves to get used to working in the clutter, pushing it from one side to the other, but never getting rid of it. Then when there is spiritual work to be done you can no longer find the tools you need to work with because of the clutter.

May we, from this point forward, daily purge ourselves from the clutter in our lives.

Pastor Todd McClain

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