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Ecclesiastes 3:1

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Solomon makes a comparison with life and the four seasons we experience in a calendar year. Winter follows fall, just like summer follows spring. In winter it gets really cold, and in summer it gets hot. That's why most people like spring and fall best; the transition usually offers milder weather. Life is the same way it's constantly changing, there are harsh seasons in life as well as pleasant seasons.

I learned a lesson about changing seasons this week. We are headed into spring, and yesterday we had a low 40 degrees, while today our low was 60 degrees. Twenty degrees in a 24 hour period is a substantial difference. The thing I noticed is when seasons change the weather fluctuates a lot. One day it's windy and cold, the next it's rainy and warm. The weather conditions are very difficult to predict when the seasons are changing. Life is the same way, in between seasons you will have more highs and lows, it may even be difficult to predict what will happen on the morrow, but then everything settles down when the season changes.

Maybe you are in between seasons and things seem to be upside down, let me encourage you to have faith and patience, things will soon settle down when the season changes.

Pastor Ken Smith

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