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Set Free

John 8:36

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. I lived bound by addiction for many years; I was stricken by the poverty of that lifestyle. Not the poverty of money, not the poverty of material needs, but this poverty was spiritual. The addiction of alcohol and drugs consistently convinced me I was in control. I tried to fight it on my own and tried to will my way through it, but I was no match for the power that had overtaken my life. Now that I look back, I realize that what I considered fighting was chains mixed with bad choices (I didn't really want it). I would tell myself that's it, I'm quitting, only to find myself back in the same position once again. The skeleton figured man in the mirror had been defeated time and time again. All hope seemed to be lost until that day in the back of the Church; God came to where I was and saved my soul. Since the day of my deliverance, I can truly say that I've never touched any alcohol or drugs. Addiction wouldn't let me out, but it couldn't stop God from getting in. He completely changed my life, set me free by His beloved Son Jesus. Since that day I have had several friends whom I grew up with have their lives taken by addiction. I have personally walked into the hospital, prayed over childhood friends who were attached to many different machines to keep them alive, only to see them die a few days after my visit. This simple fact is, God can take anyone who is willing to change, regardless how bad their situation is and use them for His kingdom. I am living proof! One thing I have learned about addiction, YOU WILL QUIT, one way or the other. You can give your life to Christ or the addiction will take your life from you.

I encourage you to turn to God NOW and you can be free! THE NEXT TIME COULD BE YOUR LAST TIME. It's OK to admit your not OK

Pastor Todd McClain

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