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Split Personalities

James 1:8

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

The word double means two, so a double minded person is a person with two minds. We might refer to them as having two personalities. They are in today, and missing in action tomorrow, they are the first to volunteer but absent when the roll is called. Their actions look like a tumble weed in a dust storm, wobbling to and fro. They just roll along the pathway of feelings, and indulge in what seems right for the moment, but don't get to attached to them because their feelings will soon change. Then they are off to their next adventure.

Their personality changes are like a shotgun blast leaving a lot of collateral damage. A path of broken promises, fractured friendships, and half done jobs. When they get to the mountains they say, "It's no fun. Let's go to the beach. The beach is boring. I know let's take a cruise. Remodel the house. Buy a new car. Start a health kick. Well we might as well stay home. Nothing sleeps like my own bed." God said double minded people are unstable, they wobble back and forth. It's a good idea not to invest to deeply in them, if you do, you'll be looking for them.

Pastor Ken Smith

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