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You Can Smile When You Can't Say A Word

Nehemiah 8:10

... the joy of the Lord is your strength.

I just left my grandchildren and they all have the biggest smiles. They can light up a room with one flash of those pearly whites without speaking one word. Honestly, it makes me happy to see them happy!

Did you know within seven seconds of meeting someone they will form a solid impression of who we are? Has anyone ever taught you the importance of body language? Body language is how our posture communicates with the public through gestures and movements, and it can have more influence than words, or the tone they are spoken.

Hopefully, we all are aware of how powerful a smile can be, it's the universal welcome sign. When I see a smiling face, I see a beautiful face, and when I see a smiling heart, I see a happy heart. A smile conveys to our neighbors we are happy, content, and at peace, and as Christian's isn't this the message we want to convey to the world?

Nehemiah said that joy (smiling face) is a strong place. We are at our best when we are joyful, relationships are easier, we lead better, and we are much more teachable. What better way to share joy than with a smile, because when joy isn't shared it dies young, but we can increase joy by spreading it to others. If you find someone today who doesn't have a smile, give them one of yours.

Pastor Ken Smith

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